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Do you own or know of an antique clock that has

Attleboro Clock Co., Attleboro Mass

on the dial as in this picture?


This web site is a data gathering point for Attleboro Clock Co. Clocks:

Attleboro Clock Company clocks are identified on the clock dial as being located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. However, there has never been an Attleboro Clock Co. in Attleboro, Mass. Very little is known about the Attleboro Clock Co., and there are very few Attleboro Clock Co clocks still in existence. If you have any information about the Attleboro Clock Co., or even theories that are different that those expressed here, please provide comments to me at Jerry Baker.

One of my primary goals in to collect information on as many Attleboro Clock Co. clocks as possible.  If you have an Attleboro clock, please take the time to complete my questionnaire on your Attleboro Clock Co. clock.  I am especially interested in the city and state of where the clock came from (to the best of your knowledge).

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Attleboro Clock Co. clocks come in many different styles and shapes, and were produced by several differentgroup.JPG (91456 bytes) clock manufacturers.  The picture on the right shows five "kitchen" style clocks, a "black mantle" clock, two "metal alarm clocks" and a "novelty" clock.  The kitchen clocks in this picture were produced by Waterbury, Ansonia, and E. Ingraham.  The black mantle was produced by E. Ingraham.  There is a Waterbury and an Ansonia metal alarm clock, and the novelty clock was produced by Ansonia.

I receive inquiries on a regular basis requesting an appraisal of their Attleboro Clock. Often times, the collector will have one which has been purchased or handed down and wonder, just how much is this beauty worth, where was it made, is it authentic? In order to help those fellow collectors, I make the following offer - Complete the questionnaire contained within the web site, mail it along with at least three pictures and a check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to Jerry Baker, to the address provided. Upon receipt, your clock will be researched and a written appraisal returned to you. In addition if you wish, your name, picture of the clock and details will be added to our growing list of Attleboro clock owners on the web site for all to see and admire.

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