Proof That Attleboro Clock Company
Was Not Located in Attleboro, MA

Individually none of the following paragraphs are sufficient proof that the Attleboro Clock Co. was not located in Attleboro, MA. However, taken together they provide an almost indisputable case that the Attleboro Clocks were "manufactured" somewhere other that Attleboro, MA

1. No one in Attleboro, MA remembers the existence of, or worked for, an Attleboro Clock Co. In the early 1970’s there was a feature article in the local Attleboro paper that described the clocks, told about the mystery behind the name, and requested information from anyone who had any knowledge of this company. This was only about 60 years after the time we know that the Attleboro Clock Co. existed. It seems likely that someone would have worked for the company, or had a father or uncle who worked for the company. However there is no record anywhere in Attleboro MA of the existence of an Attleboro Clock Co.

2. There has been suggested that the Attleboro Clock Co. might have been located in a garage or back yard shop of someone in Attleboro, MA. The evidence disproving this idea is that there are no remnants of the industry. There should be at least a few clocks left in the area that were purchased or even given to friends or relatives by the owner or employee at the clock company. But there are no Attleboro Clock Co. clocks located around Attleboro. If this was a "garage shop" company what kind of a distribution system could have existed which would have been to prevent Attleboro Clock Co. clocks from being a common clock within in the county, state, or multi-state area. If density of clocks were used to determine where the Attleboro Clock Company was located, it certainly would not be Attleboro or Massachusetts, or even the East Coast. The most common area to find Attleboro clocks is the area around Chicago, IL.

 3. This paragraph addresses the lack of information of the Attleboro Clock Co. in any copy of The Jewelers’ Circular and Horological Review weekly magazine from 1881 through 1898, or Nov. 1907 to July 1908. of The Jewelers’ Circular and Horological Review is a magazine that combines a Jeweler’s weekly, a Jeweler’s review and a Horological Review. This magazine is one of the few documents of the period that provides detailed information as to the day-to-day activities of the retail jewelry trade. This information is important because the local jewelry store was the source to purchase not only jewelry, but also clocks and watches. The Jewelers’ Circular is interesting as it provides very detailed information about the local "happenings" about the people. Areas that information was provided on include New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Providence, Boston, St. Louis and a few other large cities. But more importantly it provides extensive information on Attleboro and North Attleboro. The information includes weddings, business failures, new businesses, working hours of the various companies in Attleboro, travel information of business owners and sales representatives, attendees at dinner parties, awards, associations and their members, and any other gossip that could be gleamed from anywhere in the area. It appears that it took a real effort to find enough information to support two or three columns in a weekly magazine so any and all information was included. There is no listing of an Attleboro Clock Co. anywhere in the Jeweler’s Circular Magazine in all the copies I reviewed.

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