Tips on how to identify your Attleboro Clock Co. kitchen style clock

To help with identifying your Attleboro Clock Co. clock, I have listed some generalities that, although based only on information gathered so far, should provide a significant amount of help. All the clocks described on this page have "Attleboro Clock Co., Attleboro Mass" on the dial of the clock. The great majority of Attleboro clocks are "kitchen" style clocks.

The four manufacturers of Attleboro Clock Co. clocks, identified so far, are Waterbury, Ansonia, E. Ingraham, and Sessions. The most common Attleboro Clock Co. clocks are kitchen style clocks and Waterbury was the most common manufacturer.  Black Mantle Attleboro clocks are made by E. Ingraham and Sessions and the movements are marked with the manufacturer’s names. Waterbury, Ansonia, and E. Ingraham  make "Kitchen" clocks and Ansonia and E Ingraham clocks are marked with the Manufacturer’s name. Ansonia makes alarm clocks and Novelty clocks.mvmt.jpg (48113 bytes)

All of the Waterbury clock movements have no name or date on them and can be identified because of the rounded corners of the movement (see picture). Waterbury "kitchen" clock movements are  made of brass or brass plated steel, and you can check if your movement is brass plated steel by testing the movement with a magnet.  The movement plates for all Ansonia "kitchen" clocks are marked "June 18, 1882".

Most Attleboro Clock Co. clocks came with labels identifying the model name of that particular case. Some of the Waterbury walnut cased clocks did not have model names on the labels. Some of the later clocks had the Attleboro label pasted directly over the manufacturer’s label.  Clocks with Attleboro labels that included model names always have a different name than the model name assigned by the manufacturer.

There are only about 6 designs for the "kitchen" style clock pendulums. Pictures of the Pendulums are displayed below and I have identified each.   The first four are Waterbury pendulums, A1is an Ansonia pendulum, and E1 is an E. Ingraham.  You can enlarge the photograph by double clicking on it.

pend_w1.jpg (41115 bytes)
pend_w2.jpg (17153 bytes)
pend_w3.jpg (3733 bytes)
pend_w4.jpg (91252 bytes)
pend_a1.jpg (22807 bytes)
PENDE1.JPG (28144 bytes)

Many of the Attleboro Clock Co. clocks had alarms, some have permanent keys and some were removable.  The Waterbury and Ansonia alarm dial is Alarm Dial 1 below.   The E. Ingraham alarm dial is Alarm Dial 2.


ALAR-D~2.JPG (10423 bytes)
Alarm Dial 1
ALAR-D~1.JPG (10538 bytes)
Alarm Dial 2

The Waterbury clocks with alarms included a bell mounted separately from the gong, Ansonia used the gong mount for the alarm bell, and the one E. Ingraham clock that has been found uses the gong for the alarm.  It is possible that the bell on the E. Ingraham is missing.



ALARM4.JPG (13272 bytes)
ALARM1.JPG (32822 bytes)
ALARM2.JPG (23380 bytes)
E Ingraham